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Hebridean Smokehouse began life as a small business here on North Uist in about 1983 with the trading name of Mermaid Fish supplies, owned and run by George and Rosemary Jackson. Mermaid mainly supplied local islanders with fresh white fish landed on Uist and latterly, with the aquisition of a small smoking kiln, the Jacksons started peat smoking the cod, haddock and locally farmed salmon.

With the retirement of Mr and Mrs Jackson in 2000 the business was taken forward by Fergus and Anne Granville and the name Hebridean Smokehouse introduced. Since they took over, the smokehouse has grown in size with a new building and a larger kiln that now smokes all the salmon, seatrout and shellfish in the Hebridean range - although sadly none of the whitefish once landed so regularly here in the Outer Hebrides.

Today Hebridean Smokehouse employs around 12 local people all year round with many more joining the team at Christmas. The quality of our products and the reputation enjoyed by the smokehouse is down to the expertise of our production staff, who take such care in producing the very best possible from the very best raw materials.

All of the salmon, sea trout and shellfish used by Hebridean Smokehouse comes from, or is landed here on Uist, and the peat we smoke these fantastic products with is cut from the abundant moorland reserves on North Uist.


Blini are yeasted flour pancakes that make an excellent platform for your Peat Smoked Salmon. Traditionally the blini is heaped with smoked salmon and dressed with a little créme frâiche and caviar and this is certainly very good indeed. But you can substitute the créme frâiche and the caviar with a variety of good things including:
Greek yoghurt with lots of finely chopped fresh dill
Créme frâiche with chopped capers and lemon juice
Dill sauce thinned with a little yoghurt
Créme fráiche and yohurt with horseradish sauce cut 2:1:1
Good mayonnaise, greek yoghurt and lovage, mix dessert spoon of the first two with a good desertspoon of very finely chopped lovage leaf
It is easy enough to go and buy excellent blini from good supermarkets.



The classic combination of soft curds of scrambled egg, seasoned to perfection and dressed with aromatic Peat Smoked Salmon - perfect. To make the most of this wonderful combination the best accompaniment is very thin and crisp melba toast which gives a delicious contrast of texture.

Ingredients (quantities per person)
Two fresh medium free-range eggs
splash of single cream
good pinch of salt and twist of coarse ground black pepper
knob of butter
two slices of Peat Smoked Salmon, cut into strips

In a small bowl whisk up the eggs cream and seasoning until uniform. Heat a thick based non-stick saucepan on a medium heat and drop in the knob of butter moving the butter about until fully melted - the butter must not burn or colour, if it does discard and start again with the pan a little cooler.
Add the egg mixture to the pan and leave to start setting for about 20 seconds. Using a wooden or heat-proof plastic spoon lift and fold the setting eggs then leave again for a short time for more egg to set. Keep doing this until you have lovely soft and glossy curds with just a little running egg remaining - the eggs will continue to cook even off the heat.
Serve in a warmed bowl with the strips of smoked salmon arranged on the top ( do not be tempted to mix in the smoked salmon as it will cook in the eggs) - extra black pepper or chopped chives can be added to taste.



Richly flavoured potato and salmon dish for a perfect lunch. serves 4

1.8 kg scrubbed flourly potatoes ( Roosters or King Edwards are excellent) sliced into 50mm thick rounds and par-boiled for 5 minutes in lightly salted water.
450-500g Hebridean Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon roughly broken up into chunks
284ml (large tub) of single cream
Tablespoon Moniack hot horseradish sauce
Tablespoon grain mustard
Good handful of coarsely chopped flat leaf parsley or lovage
50g chopped spring onions
50g softened butter
Coarsely ground black pepper and salt

Butter a shallow, heavy, 12" oven-proof dish with the 50g butter.
Assemble a layer of the par-boiled potato discs on the base of the dish, season with a good twist of the black pepper, a little salt and half the chopped herbs. Distribute half of the smoked salmon then loosely cover with more potato slices. Add the remaining smoked salmon, another good twist of black pepper, the remaining chopped herbs, spring onions and a little salt and finish with a layer of the potatoes to completely cover the fish.
In an appropriately sized bowl or jug mix together the cream, horseradish sauce, mustard and then pour this mixture over the potatoes taking care to glaze as much of the upper surface as possible.Dot the top with small pieces or butter of a drizzle of good olive oil.
Bake in the centre of an oven at 1800C ( 1700C fan-assisted oven or gas mark 7) for 50 minutes. Check after 30 minutes and loosly cover with foil if it is browning too quickly.
Leave to rest for 5 minutes before serving with a simple green salad of peppery leaves like rocket, watercress and mustard.



An absolutely delicious variation on the classic smoked haddock soup from North East Scotland using our own Hebridean Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon. Serves 4

450g Hebridean Peat Smoke Roasted Salmon
1 large onion
75g butter
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Half a bulb of fennel
180g leek using mainly the white, avoid the tougher green at the top of the leek
Splash of dry white wine
dessert spoon grainy mustard
200g waxy potatoes or small salad potatoes like Charlotte or Maris Peer, diced
700ml full cream milk
80ml double cream
2 tablespoons of chopped parsley and chives
Fresh ground black pepper and salt to taste

Finely slice and chop the onion, leek and fennel and sauté in a heavy bottomed pan for 10 minutes with all the butter and olive oil taking care not to allow the onion and leek to colour.
Pour in the white wine and mustard and boil hard for 1 minute, again do not let the mixture colour.
Add all the remaining ingredients apart from the chopped herbs and bring to a low simmer for about 10 minutes, or more if the potatoes are not cooked through. Finally add the chopped herbs and serve accompanied with freshly toasted Macleans Organic Oatcakes or wholemeal toast


PLEASE NOTE :- Much of the above information was supplied to us by the Smokehouse concerned




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